Events & Non-academic Use FAQs

Q: Can registrar classrooms be used for non-academic purposes?

A: Once the process of assigning classrooms to classes has occurred, registrar classrooms may be available for other uses.  Student groups and organizations or departments and colleges requesting a classroom for non-academic purposes, e.g., conferences or alumni events, submit requests to Student Centers and Programming Services (SCPS) through their website

Q: What services does LEMP provide for my event?

A: LEMP  (Learning Environments and Media Production) provides consulting to determine your requirements and what they can provide. Equipment and Operation services for audio engineering and presentation displays are provided.  Assistive Listening and CART services are also provided.

Q: Where can LEMP’s special events services take place?

A: Typically these services can be provided in any registrar classroom which has been scheduled for a non-academic event.  These services are also normally available inside other auditoriums, classrooms, large meeting places such as Hendricks Chapel, and open lobby areas. For outdoor events where LEMP has limited involvement; these services are usually outsourced to a vendor

Q: Can student groups take advantage of LEMP’s special events services?

A: Normally no, but when a student group is associated with a major university event sponsored by an academic department exceptions can be made.

Q: I require AV support for special events.  Who do I call?

A: Call LEMP at 443 -5659

Q:Does LEMP provide staging and theatrical lighting services?

A: No, they will consult and outsource for those services.