Classroom Technology/Physical Environment FAQ


Q: Why don’t all classrooms have the same technology?

A:  There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to technology.  Many variables are considered when determining the type and level of technology appropriate for a given room, including: curricular needs; size of room; sightlines; windows and window treatments; budget; etc.

Q: I don’t have the technology or equipment I need in my classroom?  Who should I contact?

A: Contact your scheduling administrator.

Q: What kind of conferencing options are supported in registrar technology classrooms?

A: There are several common types of conferencing that this question usually refers to, many of these technologies blur into one another. It is recommended that you speak with a Learning Environments consultant to find out what option will best serve your needs:

  1. Web conferencing also known as Webinars are supported in terms of receiving the conference through a browser on the classroom computer. The program content can include live video and audio or a slide presentation with audio. It can also have an interactive component with the presenters. This can include sending questions via chat or by other Internet means facilitated by the conference provider.  Please note that unless you use a personal cell phone, you will not be able to telephone in questions from the classroom. Testing in advance of class use is strongly recommended to ensure compatibility.
  1. Adobe Connect Pro is SU’s enterprise Web conferencing program and a preferred option for interactive classroom conferencing.  Groups large and small can convene online to securely share documents, audio, video, presentations, desktops, whiteboard updates and more in real time, right from their individual desktops.  Although intended for use at individual computers, it can be adopted for classroom use.
  1. Videoconferencing Skype software is installed on all computers in Registrar’s technology classrooms.  Skype is generally a one to one desktop conferencing medium unlike Adobe Connect that is thought of as a one to many communications medium. Skype can also be adopted for classroom use.  Skype allows the user to make a one to one voice call or video with audio call to another Skype user.  You may borrow a USB microphone and web cam for videoconferencing from Learning Environments (LE) at 443-5661. Testing in advance of class use is strongly recommended.  
  1. Telephone conference calls Telephone conference calls are not supported in Registrar’s technology classrooms. If you are able to schedule a meeting room with an outside telephone line connection you may borrow a speaker phone from Learning Environments or the ITS Telecommunications Department at 443-4730.

 Q: How do I log into the teaching station computer?

A: For generic login to obtain Internet access, there is posted signage on the top of the Teaching Station.  For personal login to access your profile and SU computer desktop, please use your NETID name/password. Additional assistance can be provided via the Teaching Station Intercom phone.  Speed dial 100 to reach the Learning Environments help desk, fall & spring semesters: M-Th 7:30AM-8PM; F 7:30AM-5PM, or call 443-5660.

Q: What do I do if equipment malfunctions while I am teaching in a technology classroom?

A: Call 443-5660 Fall & Spring semesters: M-Th 7:30AM-8PM; F 7:30AM-5PM.  Afterhours problems can be reported online ( for ITS to troubleshoot the next business day.

Q: How do I use the equipment in a technology classroom?

A: LEMP will be happy to train you.  Call 443-5659 and let them know what time would be convenient.

Q: What’s the combination to the teaching station?  Is the combination the same if I move from one classroom to another?

A: The combination is not published but you can obtain it by calling 443-5660.  The combination is the same for all registrar technology classrooms but there may be some differences in the locks used.

Q: Why was the TV monitor playback system that was in my classroom removed and when will you bring it back?

A: All moveable TV monitor systems must be scheduled.  You can’t count on it staying in any particular room.  Call 443-5660 to schedule, and remember that LEMP needs 48 hours advance notice.  You may schedule multiple uses of a TV monitor system with a single call.

Q: What do I do if there are dead or no batteries for wireless microphones?

A: Call LE Help Desk on the Black Intercom Phone on the teaching station (Dial 100).  In departmental rooms call 443-5660

Q: Where are the Laptop cables for the Teaching Station?

A: A standard 15 pin VGA and a mini/mini audio cable are stored in each Teaching Station accessory drawer. Call 443-5660 if the VGA or mini cables are missing.  Mac laptop adapters are not provided.

Q: What should I do if the projector not displaying the correct source?

A: Toggle to another source, then back again.

Q:Why does it take so long to login to a classroom computer with personal NetID?

A: Login time depends on the size of the profile.  Those with larger profiles will take longer to login.  The generic “m-“profiles are small and login relatively quickly in comparison.

Q: Why is the Windows laptop not displaying to the projector?

A: Have you connected the VGA cable from your laptop to the VGA connector on the teaching station access panel? Have you selected the Laptop input on the controller? Have you mirrored the laptop output? Dell uses Function F8.

Q: Why doesn’t my Macbook (Pro, Air, etc.) display on the projector?

A: Ensure you have the correct Mac pigtail for your laptop and connect it to the VGA output cable. The VGA cable should be on the Teaching Station or in the drawer.  Press the “Notebook” or “Laptop” button on the Teaching Station to display the image from the Macbook.

Q: My Macbook (Pro, Air, etc.) is connected but why is there still no display?

A: Make sure the projector is on and the “Notebook” or “Laptop” button on the Teaching Station is depressed.  If still no display, click on the Apple icon – System Preferences – Displays then click on “Detect Displays”.

Q: Why isn’t the Mac Teaching Station computer displaying?

A: If the machine is a Mac Mini (small with just the cd/dvd slot in front) and the power indicator next to the cd/dvd slot is not glowing, the power button is located on the right back corner of the machine.  It is flush with the machine and only needs to be depressed once.

**Make sure the “Mac” button on the Teaching Station is lit.

Q: Why isn’t the mouse working or working properly?

A: An optical mouse needs to be placed on the mouse pad in order to work properly.  Sometimes the top of the teaching station is reflective and affects the mouse’s functionality.

Q: Why can’t I hear audio when the DVD is playing?

A: The playback is not turned up or is muted on the Extron/Crestron panel or the computer itself.

Q: My classroom is too cold/too hot.  What do I do?

A: Report this to Energy Management at 443-1535

Q: My classroom is dirty/messy. What do I do?

A: Email  or call 443-1234 for immediate attention.

Q: My classroom is missing chalk/erasers/white board markers.  What do I do?

A: Email or call 443-1234 for immediate attention.

Q: What do I do if there is an emergency during my class?

A: Call SU’s Department of Public Safety by dialing 711 in a technology classroom with an installed phone or #SU (#78) from a cell phone.