• Develop and maintain regular communication about classroom issues and concerns within the committee and with external contacts
  • Ensure that information is shared with and input solicited from members of this committee in very early stages of the planning process for new classrooms or for changes that will affect existing classrooms.
  • Enable a coordinated response to classroom issues
  • Improve efficiency (cost and work) and avoid duplication of effort
  • Improve project management.
Analysis and Planning
  • Identify rooms to target for improvement and develop programs for those improvements
  • Prioritize projects, identify funding, and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor
  • Analyze classroom needs, both broadly and locally, to fit changing academic requirements.
  • Identify information resources and ensure access to all who need it;
  • Develop resources or reference materials where needed.
  • Educate classroom users about usage and responsibilities
  • Work with appropriate Senate committees to make them aware of classroom issues and gain their support or advocacy as needed.